Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

STEP 1 – Application

Choose a job offer that interests you and read its terms and conditions. If you meet the requirements in terms of experience corresponding to the job description, then our team will decide to invite you to an interview.

STEP 2 – Meeting

We will invite you to a meeting with your future supervisor. We will talk about your past experience, introduce you to the company and tell you about your position and working conditions. Depending on the position, you may be asked to take additional skills/competence tests.

Each candidate participating in the meeting, regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process, will receive feedback from us.

STEP 3 – Offering a job

The final stage of the recruitment process is to offer a job to the selected candidate. On the first day of work in our company, you will be introduced to the health and safety regulations, as well as the GDPR training, during which, we will go through all the important aspects related to work in TORPOL S.A.