105th anniversary celebrations of the Wielkopolska Uprising

16 December 2023

The celebrations of the 105th anniversary of the victorious Wielkopolska Uprising will traditionally begin on 26 December with a staging of Ignacy Jan Paderewski's historic arrival in Poznan. As co-organiser of the event, we would like to invite you to Poznań Summer Railway Station, where we will welcome the Maestro…

Conclusion of a contract for the reconstruction of the Słupsk station

6 November 2023

During today's press conference organized at the Ministry of Infrastructure, the contract for the implementation of construction works within the Słupsk station on railway line No. 202 was signed.

Signing of contract for modernisation of line 38 between Giżycko and Korsze

2 October 2023

During today's press conference held at Giżycko railway station, an agreement was signed between the representatives of TORPOL S.A. and PKP PLK S.A. for the execution of construction works as part of the project "Works on railway line no. 38 on the Giżycko - Korsze section together with electrification."