Machinery and Equipment

Track renewal machine SUM 312

SUM 312 - a self-propelled machine made ​​by Plaser & Theurer designed for pipelined superstructure replacement. SUM continuously exchanges sleepers and rails, which takes place within its interior. The machine is equipped with a special set of mechanisms for selecting and transporting materials, among which the most important is SWAL…

Universal tamping machine Unimat 09-4X4/4S Dynamic

Unimat 09-4x4/4S is an eight axis machine used for tamping of tracks. As the first one in its class, this high performance universal tamping machine, which is equipped with a dynamic track stabilizer, combines the characteristics of a continuous track tamping machine (09-CSM) and state of the art turnout tamping…

Universal tamping machine UNIMAT 08-275/3S

Universal tamping machine Unimat 08-275/3S - made by Plaser & Theurer. It is a self-propelled machine levelling course and a plane of railway track.  Tamping is done using aggregates conquering, but thanks to the laser track geometry measurement, it works more accurately and faster.