Sponsorship principles

Sponsorship principles

TORPOL S.A. has undertaken sponsorship activities in the following areas:

Amateur sports – TORPOL S.A. promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, both among its employees and among local communities. The Company supports mainly amateur sport. Due to the diverse nature of sports disciplines it is possible to support only those which evoke positive emotions, are safe and user-friendly. Sponsoring in the area of sport may include activities carried out by and for employees (individually or as part of company sports teams), but also children and adolescents (student sports clubs).

Science, technology and ecology – TORPOL S.A., as a company of technical and construction profile, may engage in activities for the benefit of science, technology and ecology through cooperation with technical universities and technical secondary schools in particular. The company focuses on supporting the development of new technologies in the area of the company’s activity; supporting initiatives and campaigns aimed at promoting rail transport as an environmentally-friendly, and also people-friendly means of transport.

Society – TORPOL S.A., as a socially responsible company, wishes to care for the relations with local communities within the areas of its operations and support them also in those spheres which are not related directly to the Company’s activity. Sponsoring in the social area may include, among others, investments in: natural environment and revitalization of green areas; support of projects for public educational institutions; cultural and sporting events; social campaigns; public benefit organizations and employee volunteering.

Branch events – TORPOL S.A. participates in events shaping the market on which it conducts business activity. The company’s activities within this area may involve, in particular, the participation of the company as an exhibitor or participant of trade fairs as well as substantial or financial partner in the execution of trade events.


  • As a basic requirement for consideration of a sponsorship application, the applicant must complete and submit a Sponsorship Application to the Office of Public Relations, which can be downloaded here.
  • The Company accepts applications for consideration and completion of projects between September 1 and September 30 of 2021. The projects’ performance is to take place in the next calendar year.
  • The Company accepts paper applications submitted in person or via postal operators to the following address: TORPOL S.A. – Biuro Komunikacji Społecznej, ul. św. Michała 43, 61-119 Poznań, or sent in electronic version to the e-mail address: sponsoring@torpol.pl. Applications submitted in person or through postal operators must be addressed directly to the Office of Public Relations with the annotation „Wniosek sponsoringowy”.
  • Due to the necessity of a thorough analysis of the application and the development of activities by the Public Relations Office to support the communication of the sponsored projects, the timeframe for the Company to make a decision on a specific sponsorship activity is 30 days from the date of receipt of the application. Failure to provide feedback within the aforementioned period is equivalent to rejection of the application.
  • Cooperation with a sponsored entity must be based on an agreement that specifies in detail all the rights and obligations of the parties and the scope of cooperation within the sponsored project.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please contact the Social Communication Office.