Rules of Programme

Rules of Programme

The Corporate Volunteer Programme “Wspólnym Torem” is an element of the CSR strategy of TORPOL S.A. The programme has been developed as a result of the Company’s belief that initiatives and actions for the benefit of local communities are one of the basic duties of a socially responsible company. By implementing the programme, TORPOL S.A. supports pro-social activities of its Employees who devote their free time and use their skills to provide various kinds of work and services for selected organizations. The form of support is co-financing, thanks to which the Employees may implement their projects. The

Program has the form of a competition in which teams consisting of at least two Company employees prepare a volunteer project for the local community. When selecting the best projects, the Volunteer Program Committee takes into account, among others, the scale and scope of involvement, the purpose of the project and the planned effects of the activities. We ask you to submit projects to the competition, which are located primarily in places in the country where the Company operates.

The aim of the “Wspólnym Torem” Corporate Volunteer Programme is to activate and integrate Employees around social activities, as well as to develop their skills and support them in their actions for the benefit of their immediate environment. We want our employees to have the opportunity to create and implement their own projects in response to the needs of the local communities in which the Company conducts business.

If you have any questions about the Programme, please contact the Social Communication Office at: wolontariat@torpol.pl.