Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

TORPOL S.A.’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct establishes ethical norms and principles for the functioning of TORPOL S.A. and its employees, as well as standards for raising corporate culture in the area of compliance with legal and social standards. It provides a signpost for the decisions made and presents the values with which the Company identifies its own history and itself. The Code is at the same time a kind of constitution among corporate acts, being the basis for the development and implementation of further executive acts and taking initiatives.

The Code defines and specifies a set of rules of conduct for all persons employed both on the basis of an employment contract and persons cooperating on the basis of a contract for specific work or any other civil law contract at any level of employment: from board members and directors to managers, employees and co-workers of all levels.

While the scope of the Company’s influence is becoming wider over the years, our intention is also to promote the adopted principles and values in the entire supply chain. Therefore, there are and will be further activities implemented aiming at introducing solutions adopted by the Company in the entities cooperating with us, and above all, in the whole TORPOL Capital Group. Being aware of the direction in which the Company is moving, we appreciate the importance of reputation built in the long term, which should be protected by implementing appropriate standards, procedures and policies.

We invite you to familiarize with the following documents (Polish ver.):

Kodeks Etyki i Postępowania w Biznesie TORPOL S.A. (konspekt)

Zasady Etyki oraz Postępowania w Biznesie Dostawców i Podwykonawców TORPOL S.A.

Zasady postępowania w przypadku wystąpienia konfliktu interesów w TORPOL S.A.

Zasady anonimowego zgłaszania naruszeń i ochrony sygnalistów w TORPOL S.A.