Machinery and Equipment

Railway crane KIROW KRC 810T

The railway crane KIROW KRC 810T (type 800) is mainly used for replacement and assembly of turnouts with concrete sleepers, track sections and other works that require laying an element of railway infrastructure brought entirely directly from the manufacturer, the so-called assembly of infrastructure in blocks. The model used by…

Maintenance vehicle for catenary installations

It consists of a universal cable laying train UCS-40 and a PLS-41 vehicle which constitute a set of devices for the hanging and rolling of catenary line’s contact wires and track ropes. The purpose of the maintenance vehicle is the service, maintenance and repair of catenary lines. The specimen acquired…

Ballast profiling machine USP 5000C

Machine for spreading and leveling gravel company Plasser & Theurer, used to supplement, leveling and sweeping the track and restore regular cross-bedding, even on the road. USP 5000C has a silo capable of stopping the excess ballast and use it in existing deficiencies.