Railway line no. 38

Railway line no. 38

Project details:


The scope of works provided for in the contract includes, among other things, the replacement of the railway surface between Giżycko and Korsze stations with an increase in the permissible axle load to 221 kN and the reconstruction of track systems in the area of the station for goods trains with a length of 750 m, as well as the electrification of the railway line on the Giżycko – Korsze section together with the construction of the catenary network and a sectional reconstruction of the catenary network on railway line No. 353 on the section adjacent to the project. In addition, 4 railway stations and 5 passenger stops will be modernised, and safety will be improved at 38 road-rail crossings. With the electrification of the line in the Giżycko-Korsze section, there will be no need to change from electric to diesel locomotives, which means shorter journey times, as well as an increase in the line’s capacity and a reduction in the line’s environmental impact.

Completion of construction under the project ‘Works on railway line no. 38 on the section Giżycko – Korsze with electrification’ is planned for the second quarter of 2026. The works, worth PLN 876 million net, will be carried out with funds from the National Reconstruction Programme.

After completion of all the works, the journey from Olsztyn to Ełk via Korsze and Giżycko will be shortened by about 50 minutes and will take less than two hours. Passenger trains will travel twice as fast as at present – from 80 to 160 km/h, and freight trains up to 120 km/h.

The value of the planned works is approximately PLN 1.078 billion gross [i.e. approximately PLN 876.75 million net], and the completion date of the investment was set at 30 months from the date of signing the contract.