Railway line E 20

Railway line E 20

Project details:

Line E20 is the second Pan-European East-West Transport Corridor connecting Berlin and Moscow. The Polish section of the route counts over 700 km and passes through areas of Wielkopolska, Mazovia and Podlasie.


Our company’s participation in the modernization of the E 20 includes:

  • modernization of the line in the area of ​​LCS Konin – section Barłogi – Swarzędz, as part of the project entitled “Works on the E20 railway line, section Warszawa – Poznań – other works, section Sochaczew – Swarzędz”
  • replacement of the track surface along with accompanying works on the section Warszawa Zachodnia – Kunowice
  • modernization of the Poznań Wschód station – construction of two passages for animals (Gajec and Kunowice) on the Kunowice – Rzepin section
  • reconstruction of the section Mińsk Mazowiecki – Siedlce LOT A and LOT B
  • reconstruction of the Torzym station

The works were commissioned by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. and co-financed by CEF and ISPA / FS funds.